August 6, 2016



university_buildingCloud Based Automated College ERP System

The educational enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, “Z – ERP” is a cloud-based automated college ERP system which manages the entire administration, college operations, and academic management in a very efficient manner.

We have developed an integrated solution for the computerization of various academic institutions around the globe. Our cloud-based automated college ERP solutions are designed in PHP, MYSQL & Yii (3-tier MVC) framework.

Our “Z – ERP” has 40+ modules and facilitates computerized process for student admission, transfer of educational certificates on completion of studies, teachers-parents collaboration, examinations, financial and administrative operations, attendance management, attendance and academic monitoring and many more. Starting from Engineering, Polytechnic, Management, Architecture, our solutions are proven fruitful in all kinds of academic institutions and they have admired our College ERP system application for user friendly, simplicity and compatibility.

Our integrated, easily configurable and dynamic “Z – ERP” software ensures that each and every institution get complete details & summarized information about administration & academic aspects.

Highlights of the College ERP system “Z – ERP”

  • Cloud based fully integrated ERP solution
  • Technology used – PHP, MYSQL, Yii (3-tier MVC) framework
  • Secured RFID smart cards enabled
  • Inbuilt Bio-metrix
  • SMS Alerts
  • RFID enabled Library module
  • Enabled for teachers, parents, students, management, and alumni
  • Simple to implement and maintenance free
  • Completely Customizable

college_hatAdditional Features of “Z – ERP”

  • Admission & Fee Management
  • Student Administration
  • Attendance & Time Schedule Management – Computerized Process
  • HR Management
  • Stores
  • Finance
  • Administration Management
  • Library Management