We at Zarya Infotech deliver a unique blend of services.
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Mobile App Development

Today’s world, Mobile and Smartphones are making the world smaller. In these times your mobile presence is imperative to the success of your business. Not only makes your business stand out but it also increases visibility and accessibility.

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Web Design & Development

Web design makes it possible to control how your information is presented and what is the impact you make on your visitors. And as an old saying goes, first impression is the last impression. We also offer a customized website that you can maintain easily.

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POS Development

Our POS solutions have served hundreds of niche businesses across the globe. We have gained considerable experience and have built massive technological expertise required for creating intricate POS solutions from scratch or improve the existing POS solutions with additional maintenance and support.

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Internet Marketing

There has been no stopping to the Internet boom seen in the recent past. It has unarguably become a part of many people’s lives and people are now preceding the outmoded media as they are high on expense, and one cannot track the yields effectively.

Bespoke Customisation and Cost Effective Solutions for your Business
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About Zarya Infotech


We at Zarya Infotech deliver a unique blend of services. We consult, monitor and mentor to develop perfect solutions of the best eminence amongst your peers. Our strategies are proven to have evaluated organization’s goals, active processes, making recommendations to drive critical decisions on software services, process improvements, and productivity toolsets.

We offer a rare combination of a local touch and a global reach. Solutions offered by us are cutting edge around testing and business analytics. We deliver more than we promise and overturn client’s expectation. Our tech solutions are high in quality and low on price. Our designs are perfectly balanced and we develop products that will help you in many ways than one.

To work with, we are easy to go on. Throw anything at us, and we’re game to take on! At meetings, we’re good with both coffee and beer.

  • Our aim is to develop long term, mutually beneficial, business relationship with our clients.

  • We strongly believe that clear and timely communications are the key to the success of any project.

  • On time and within budget is how we deliver. We ensure that we deliver fully optimised results.

  • The way we plan to create long term relationships, is by always going that extra mile to provide that WOW factor in all our work.


Our team at Zarya is extremely dedicated to the T's of Testing and Technology. They will help you increase productivity without compromising on quality, which will help you gain better profits and efficiency, and also accountability of business operations and services. Having world-class, entrepreneurial and dedicated resources, with a flexible and problem solving approach, we’d always be more than happy to lend our client an ear. Our solution oriented and hands on employees, help us become a fast-moving and committed organization, which adds up brownie points in terms of customer satisfaction.


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Solution Architects


College Management System
Z - ERP is a Cloud-Based Automated College ERP System

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