June 1, 2015



mobile_game_development_bigZarya Infotech is led by people who have shipped multiple products in the field of applications globally. Due to the team being led by seasoned expertise, we also provide mobile game development from dawn to dusk. The team makes sure it provides games for mobile phones, tablets and PCs that run on iOS, Android or Windows. This flexibility of games running across devices of various shapes and sizes are catered to as per the needs of each client.

With market growing amply, there are many companies, which provide these services, however due to lack of expertise and technical glitches, many games do not get the desired feat. Many a times they break down, turn out like not what you expected them to, and even burn a hole in your pocket. Zarya is a solution to all your problems. Once you cherry-pick us, you need not disquiet about anything more!

If at all you have a game plan, in today’s market, you need to build and iterate quickly. That’s where Zarya comes into picture. We have highly creative designers, skilled software engineers, and sharp quality analysts, there’s hence no cosmos left for going wrong.